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The most important tips to maintain the conditioning

The air conditioner is one of the important devices in the house, and it does not stop its use only in the winter season, but also its use includes the winter season, as it can be used for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. You buy it through the best international agencies, which in turn attracts a lot of admiration from all customers because the electrical appliances provided by the company are among the best in the market.
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But due to the special misuse of air conditioners and the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the device from the internal and external parts of the air conditioning, it may be exposed to damage. The question that is usually asked ….. Why did the air conditioner stop when cooling the room as before?? To maintain the air conditioning system to work in the best and highest efficiency, only use the special preventive maintenance of the air conditioning, which in turn maintains the air conditioning for the long term and also saves money and time.

But through the instructions and instructions of the Foreman company that we provide to you to maintain the air conditioner for the longest period by following that information to obtain the best cooling and heating at all times of the year, from summer and winter

The most important tips to maintain the air conditioning to work for the longest time
clean air filters
In order to protect the private air conditioner by protecting its evaporator, and because the air conditioner in turn contains a filter, which in turn works on cleaning dirt and dust, and it also helps to clean the filters for your air, as it is the only way to ensure the operation of the air conditioner with the highest accuracy and efficiency, which works I have to achieve the best cooling and heating you can get

fan use
If you are one of the people who owns stand fans in her home, you can use them as an auxiliary factor with the air conditioning unit to ensure the best distribution of cold air throughout the entire room, which causes a feeling of complete and faster cooling, but you must pay attention to the direction in which the fan is headed, this works The cycle of reducing the load on the performance of conditioning

Check your settings
It is possible for the air conditioning unit to come with a set of settings, for example, the units contain the settings for “fresh air” ventilation by working to maintain those settings, so the air conditioning unit absorbs fresh outside air and works to quickly cool or heat it, but the defect is Here in the long run, it consumes a lot of time to do the cooling or heating, almost the double time. Without this feature turned on, the humidifier will absorb the cold air in your room and cool it to the desired degree.Check your settings
It is possible for the air conditioning unit to come with a set of settings, for example, the units contain the settings for “fresh air” ventilation by working to maintain those settings, so the air conditioning unit absorbs fresh outside air and works to quickly cool or heat it, but the defect is Here in the long run, it consumes a lot of time to do the cooling or heating, almost the double time. Without this feature turned on, the humidifier will absorb the cold air in your room and cool it to the desired degree. And then send me the room for yours again, as this is the method that reduces the working period of the compressor and also puts pressure on the air conditioning, thus reducing the value of the electricity bill.

Close the blinds or windows
To maintain the ideal amount of light or shade that permeates and enters the room, you want to cool it, because the entry of light or shade will damage the air conditioning unit and excessive work and work on the poor quality of the air conditioner and the automatic increase in the value of the electric bill. The most important thing to pay attention to is to close the windows and curtains that work on Insulation in your room so that it does not allow any light or cold air to enter from outside or vice versa and hot air to enter from outside

Save some space
As for the type of split air conditioning, it is that it can be installed anywhere inside the room without difficulty. To ensure the best operation, the air conditioning needs a large space, so you only need days to transfer spare parts that can get in the way of the internal air conditioning unit

Check that there are no leaks in the air conditioner
All types of air conditioners use Freon gas to do cooling or heating, so the air conditioner is maintained by checking if there is a leak in the air conditioner.

proper temperature
Another important thing to pay attention to is adjusting the air conditioner to the appropriate temperature, which is approximately 20 degrees Celsius. Some people do not know that this temperature gives us the same fresh air that gives the air conditioning when setting it at 18 degrees or less and those degrees that work on The air conditioner is damaged and malfunctions

Foreman maintenance
There are many faults that can affect any electrical device and that cause disruption in life tasks and daily activities that can cause discomfort to people. Our role here is to provide maintenance services to all kinds of electrical devices at the hands of many maintenance engineers who have the highest degree From the efficiency and knowledge of maintenance matters, as we are through the best training courses that we provide to them by the best global maintenance experts, which guarantees you maintenance at the highest level of maintenance. All you have to do is call the foreman number 66244000, which is always available

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What is a smart home system? What are the basic features?

A smart home system is a term used in homes where networked devices are used to provide remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems such as lighting and heating.

What is a smart home system? What are the basic features?

A smart home system is a term used in homes where networked devices are used to provide remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems such as lighting and heating. Smart home technology, also known as automated homes, provides homeowners with security, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to be controlled by smart devices, which are often installed on smartphones and/or tablets or other networked devices. Smart home systems such as garage door opening and closing, alarm systems, and coffee machine timers are simple examples of smart home systems.

However, when talking about home automation and smart homes, the examples are going to reach their highest levels. The smart home, rather than a separate operating device, between multiple subsystems that are controlled by the home automation master console. This means that this home automation console is like a home automation game generator and receives inputs and commands and checks every device around the house. These controllers often run a complex program that allows them to perform single or multiple actions based on different events. These events can take many forms, but basically only two categories can be separated: timing and activation of events.

They are required to be according to the time of day the homeowner wishes to change or the geographical location in which the home is located. With this feature, the house performs specific operations for those hours that are set at certain times every day. For example, ventilate the living room every morning by opening the window or opening and closing the lights outside the house according to sunset and sunrise.

Activate events
Events that trigger a home automation system. Such as pressing a button, opening the door, perceiving movement, warning from a sensor what triggers the events. When I press a button, you can make a setting to do something. Or you can turn on the room lighting if the baby’s room door is open. If no movement is detected for 5 minutes in any room, you can turn off the room light. If smoke is detected in any room of the house, you can activate the system by SMS, email or call.

By combining several events that occur at certain times, that causes events. When combined with conditional logic, smart home systems become even more powerful. for example; If you press this button and the time is between midnight and 5 am, a command such as adjusting the light intensity can be given to 50% instead of 90%. With a home automation system installed in your home, you can perform bespoke jobs from home or from outside the home via the Internet. You can turn off the alarm by pressing one key from your mobile device, you can drop sunshades, open the fireplace, dim the lights, heat the egg and play romantic music.

Tech examples about smart home
Smart home products that can be produced in the home environment are becoming more and more widespread with technology entering every area of ​​our lives. Some examples are:

Smart TVs
You can open the desired music or videos and access them online through smart apps. Some smart TVs have the ability to recognize voices or gestures. This allows you to manage your TV with your voice or with some movement and gestures.

smart lighting systems
In addition to features such as remote access and power off, it is possible to turn off the lights if someone in the room has different sensors with them, or when no one is present. In addition, the light intensity is automatically adjusted according to the daylight.

smart thermostat 
You can set or monitor the temperature of your home remotely. You can make adjustments and set your own heat program to produce the desired temperature at the required times. The smart thermostat can learn according to the owner’s habits and can be programmed by itself. You can also report the prepared power consumption and warn you when maintenance is performed.

smart locking systems
It allows you to make your home or garage door open only by certain people. With this system that works by identifying the person who comes, it is possible to prevent theft. Smart door systems recognize homeowners and automatically unlock the door when they are near the house.

smart security cameras
He can monitor his home and surroundings with these cameras while away from home or while on vacation. With smart motion sensors, it can detect movement inside the house and tell if people are at home, from a previous visit, or a burglar.

Pet care can be automated using interconnected fields. Plants and herbs can be sprayed at any time using the connected timers.

smart cooking utensils

The kitchen is made of fresh brown coffee machines. With smart refrigerators, you can keep track of the expiration dates of the products you buy. In addition, these cabinets provide you with alternative recipes with the products available.

There are also systems that control home wiring. These systems can shut off your water, hood, or chimney when you leave the house and protect sensitive electrical appliances in electrical storms.

As you can see, there are commonly used areas. These systems are systems that make our lives comfortable, reduce our energy expenditure and protect us safely from various dangers. It is clear that these new systems that will be used in our country will appear in every new home in the future. We all work intensely and home automation can make things a little easier for you.

What is a smart home?
One of the main considerations when developing smart home systems is that these systems can work in perfect compatibility with personal smart devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.).

One of the main reasons for moving to smart home automation is to increase efficiency and save energy.

The main factors that increase the energy costs of an ordinary family and cause unnecessary energy consumption are:

Heating unused areas.

– I left the lights on unnecessarily.

High level heating and cooling systems.

Devices left unlocked.

Unable to use daylight as often as necessary.

What is a smart home?
Such automation of heating systems and electrical systems is controlled by a house:

– Provides 10% to 30% of thermal energy savings,

– automatic illumination of unnecessary lights,

Burning incoming lights at 90% brightness,

Electrical energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30% by automatically programming devices according to cheap tariffs.

The logic of providing convenience is that unnecessary and time-consuming tasks are performed automatically by this automation, and operations are performed that the user would not perform under normal conditions.

The greatest convenience for smart homes is that they have the option of a “scenario” that home automation systems perform many commands in sequence. As an example of this system:

Close all blinds,

– weak luminance

– automatic activation of the alarm,

– 20 minutes. then shut down,

– automatic adjustment of the room temperature to the desired temperature,

Opening and closing of automatic doors with motion detectors, etc.

What is a smart home?
The security that a smart home can provide is the biggest advantage over traditional alarm systems, as events such as theft, fire or floods cannot be avoided. You are alerted by a fire sensor from your neighbors.

With the help of scenarios, devices such as lights, music sets or TVs can automatically act as if the house is full and can prevent theft and contact you by SMS or phone when someone approaches the house and you are on vacation.

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home electrical maintenance

There is no doubt that electricity is one of the necessities of life, as it has become indispensable in the home and all facilities, but many problems occur that lead to sudden power outages and these problems can be overcome by using the best maintenance company in Doha “Foreman to avoid all electricity problems as you maintain Home electricity.

The most important household electrical faults and the reasons for their occurrence
Using electricity in a bad way, as many electrical devices are used at the same time, which leads to increased loads and power outages.
The sudden rise in temperature leads to an increase in the temperature of wires and cables and the occurrence of melting in the
Some of its parts and thus the emergence of household electrical problems.
Also, the high pressure that occurs in electricity due to many reasons, the most important of which is a power outage and its sudden return again.

Damage to one of the electrical devices and then connecting this device to the electricity again leads to a malfunction in the electrical circuits and a power outage.
The occurrence of a short circuit and results from a strong electric current or severe electrical weakness, which occurs suddenly and results in a short.
Electrical locks resulting from the operation of many electrical devices at the same time or the operation of a damaged device or sudden power outage.
The different causes of electric shock in the house that lead to burning of electric bulbs.

Home electrical maintenance and how to fix the electrical lock
Home electrical malfunctions do not end, and one of the most important of these malfunctions is damage to electrical wires and circuit breakers, which results in electrical locks as a result of the breakers descending, and here are the most important reasons:

The use of electrical appliances that consume high electricity, such as irons, conditioners and hair dryers, is one of the most important reasons for disconnecting the electrical circuit.
The use of more than one electrical device at the same time, which leads to a significant increase in the consumption of electricity and thus the occurrence of a short circuit.
The most important methods and means used to repair electrical faults

The use of one of the electricians to increase the capacity of the cutter.
Installing more than one electrical breaker and distributing home appliances to it.

The most important causes of power outages in the house and the most important methods used for home electricity maintenance
One of the most important reasons that lead to a power outage in the house is the occurrence of electric shocks, which occur due to many different reasons, the most important of which are:

Improper use of electrical devices, such as using more than one electrical device that consumes electricity at the same time
Or use one of the broken or damaged devices.
The house is free from the ground system that protects the house from electric shocks, which results in a problem, refer to the electricity.
Electric shocks also occur as a result of a damaged electrical device or the presence of a bare wire that touches the device, causing a power outage.

The most important tips for dealing with electricity and how to fix electrical faults
Before dealing with electricity and the various electrical parts, it is necessary to ensure public safety by disconnecting the electricity from the place first.
Also, make sure that the electrical switches are closed before doing any repair on them or on the wires in them and not open them until the repair is completed.
Bring adhesive tapes to be used in isolating uninsulated wires to protect household members from them, especially children.
If one of the electrical parts is damaged, we replace it with other high quality parts.

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Home plumbing is important and necessary maintenance

The house is mixed with a large number of different areas that need a health technician, attention and attention on the part of the members of the house on a permanent and continuous basis. These devices are expensive and need an adequate electrical current so that no type of damage occurs