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As a result of our main objective to achieve  customer satisfaction, we have attracted the best skilled workforce ,  created the most practical business model in operation management, and monitor & supervise our daily operations.

Al Foreman For Maintenance and Trading Solutions, we aim to promot  the level of corrective and preventive maintenance services in the fields of air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, smart systems and others, in addition to providing innovative solutions to serve the sector.

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Our Vision

To be a leading company in maintenance & facility management and provide smart solutions to the clients in the state of Qatar.

Our Mission

– Promoting level of services provided in the maintenance sector.

– Providing the finest and highest quality services and solutions to clients.

– Commitment to professional standards and ethical values ​​towards environment, partners, customers and our team.

Our message

We believe in our responsibility towards customers by providing the very best services in maintenance and facility management with quality and professionalism, and towards ourselves by providing an ideal model in management and development to maintain leading  the sector.




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Professional Team

We always ensure attracting international talents with good experience and skills.


We pay attention to the very details in delivering our services to clients.

Control & mentoring

We dont only ensure if services are being delivered but how they are being delivered.

corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioners of all kinds are considered electrical devices that are of great importance and that buildings are not free from. Through Foreman, you can get air conditioning maintenance service to ensure the efficiency of its performance and reduce malfunctions.

Electrical maintenance

Electrical installations and connections are very important in construction operations. It is also important to prevent preventive maintenance and take care of electrical connections and appliances on a regular basis as a precaution.
And here comes the role of our electrical services, as we guarantee the customer high skill and commitment in all electrical work and maintenance work
Of all kinds and sizes in major construction projects, up to changing lighting and lamps in homes.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing and sewage operations are among the most important and basic steps in construction operations to avoid any future malfunctions and problems. At Foreman, we provide plumbing services, whether in construction or repairs of all kinds, with the best tools used and at the highest level of perfection and quality.

Water filters

Foreman’s 7-stage water filters is your best choice to reduce expenses and environmentally friendly solution compared to water bottles. In addition, it is healthier, as they remove impurities, add essential elements and improve the taste of water.
At Foreman, we are always committed to improve customer experience by providing best services, products and .
Competitive price

Smart Home

Our belief in advanced technology drives us to adapt and launch smart home services. The system allows you to transform your home into a smart home in which you can control all devices and systems at the your house such as lighting, air conditioning, security, curtains and speakers together and controlling them all from anywhere, which results into saving energy.

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    Working With Excellent


    We often need home maintenance for appliances and furniture to preserve them for a longer lifespan, especially since we choose every piece when establishing our house very carefully, in order to establish a home that enjoys all standards of safety, security, luxury and comfort, and any device malfunctions, which causes a feeling of confusion and confusion, so we will know in our articles This is about what home maintenance is, its types, and some important tips provided in this area.

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